A Mexican is arrested for a monkey smuggling

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A Mexican is arrested for a monkey smuggling

Post  Sunny on Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:14 am

Mexican authorities have arrested a man who try smuggling 18 monkey. The man hide the monkey in the sack of his waist. When pliceman confiscate his monkey , two monkey have been died. According to estimates , so many animals like monkey is sold for cash every year. There are two reson.The one is that Mexico is an important route for those who want to smuggle animal into US,and others. And the other is that there are so many animals in the Mexico.

Vocabulary befor I have not met.
Smuggling --This is a dirty deal for cash to sell some illicit(违法的,不正当的) thing.
Sack-- This is a bag.
Confiscate--Take a thing free and forceful.


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